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Department of Fisheries - Western Australia

Licensing Portal.

To apply for a Commercial Fishing Licence Online you must first create and activate an account. You only need to create an online account once.

For existing account holders, please enter in your Username and Password. Once you have successfully entered your only account details, you will be directed to your "My Activities" page which will detail the progress of the application you have submitted.

Refer to the top right hand corner of this page to create a new account or log into your existing account.

When creating a new online account, please be advised of the following:

  1. If you have previously created an online account but do not have a current licence, rather than create a new online account please ensure you enter in your previous Username and Password. If you have forgotten your password, please use the "Reset Password" feature.

  2. When creating your online account, your Username must be unique. You should also ensure you use your personal email address as this email address will be used to forward future Application for Renewal notifications.

  3. You should ensure that the information you provide in your Application is true and correct. It is an offence to provide any false or misleading information in an application under section 176 of the Fish Resources Management Act 1994.

  4. For the purposes of the Electronic Transactions Act 2011, the CEO consents to the making of an Application for the Grant of a Commercial Fishing Licence by electronic means through the Portal only where -
    • the electronic submission of the Application is made by the person purporting to apply for the licence;
    • the correct Date of Birth of the person are specified;
    • the correct registered full Legal (registered) name of the person are specified; and
    • the person has only one account created for the purposes of this Portal.

  5. Once you have verified your online account and successfully logged in, you will be directed to the "My Activities" page. To apply for the grant of a Commercial Fishing Licence, select the "New Application" option and complete the required fields.

  6. Once your application has been submitted and the application fee has successfully been received, a receipt will be issued.

  7. An application made through an online account must be either granted or refused. A Commercial Fishing Licence receipt is confirmation only that the application has been received. You will be notified once a decision is made on your application. That decision will either be to grant or refuse to grant you a Commercial Fishing Licence. If you are refused the grant of a Commercial Fishing Licence, there is an independent review process available to you.

  8. If the application you have submitted is valid under the Electronic Transactions Act 2011, (for example, only correct information is provided) then, in accordance with regulation 123A(2) of the Fish Resources Management Regulations 1995, the receipt will have effect as if it is a temporary ("short term") commercial fishing licence. If any information is incorrect, then the receipt will not have effect as if it is a temporary Commercial Fishing Licence.

  9. A commercial fishing licence receipt does not have effect as if it was a commercial fishing licence if the applicant to whom it was issued:
    • has been the holder of a commercial fishing licence which has been cancelled (including by court order) or not renewed because the CEO has refused to renew it; or
    • has been convicted of an offence against this Act; or
    • is not in possession of the receipt when engaging in commercial fishing.

  10. Where paragraph 9 above does not apply, a Commercial Fishing Licence receipt applies only until -
    • the CEO gives notice to the applicant of the outcome of the application; or
    • the expiration of 60 days after the date on which the receipt was issued,
    whichever comes first.

For any enquiries accessing or creating an account, please contact the Department of Fisheries - Head Office on (08) 6551 4444 and speak with a Licensing Officer.